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Shop and Commercial Estab. under The Punjab Shops and Comm. Estab. Act,1958

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    Time Line(RTS TimeLine)

    Every Registration Certificate shall be issued within 24 hours of receipt of complete application.

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    Required documents

  • ✔ Proof of Shop/Commercial Establishment. ✔ Photo of Front of Shop/Commercial Establishment. ✔ Photo of Interior of Shop/Commercial Establishment. ✔ Identity Proof of Owner. ✔ Scanned copy of Signature of applicant. ✔ Other Documents :
    If you have any necessary document more than one page,
    please create a PDF file and upload in other documents.
    For example:
  • In case of registered company, attach three documents:

    ≡ Power of Attorney.

    ≡ Memorandum of Company.

    ≡ List of Directors of Company.

  • In Case of Shop:

    ≡ Rent deed of Shop.

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    Fees for the Approval of Shop and Commercial Estab. Act,1958

    “No fee is chargeable to get the shops/commercial establishments registered.”

After getting factory registration or license, an applicant can apply for this service.

Shop Act Services :

  • Service - I

    Permission For Women Worker In Night Shift Under Shop Act

Section Title Icons
Section Title Icons