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The main objective of Labour Department is to maintain the industrial peace for better industrial relations between workers and employers through investigation and settlement of industrial disputes to promote industrial harmony, so that the production in industry goes on un-interrupted so that there is no loss of man-days and strikes and lockouts can be prevented. Apart from this the Department implements various labour laws enacted by Govt. of India as well as by the State.

Duties of the
Department of Labour

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The Primary duties of the department are:

  • Enforcement of labour law.

  • Maintenance of Industrial peace.

  • To ensure safety, health and welfare of workers.

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Years Of Service

Since 1949

Brief History.

Initially, the labour laws were being administered by the Chief Inspector of Boilers and Factories working under the Industries Department. The work of the Chief Inspector of Factories was excluded from the Industries Department and a new Department viz. the Labour Department was created in 1949, though labour laws came into existence in India in the year, 1881. The Department has been put under the overall control of the Labour Commissioner who is also Chief Inspector of Factories. The Organisation Chart, which depicts the hierarchy of the Department is given below. At present, the Labour Department Punjab implements 22 Central and 5 State Acts.

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