Motor Transport Workers

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Licensing of Motor Transport Workers under The Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961

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    1. An Act to provide for the welfare of motor transport workers and to regulate the conditions of their work.

    2. It applies to every motor transport undertaking employing five or more motor transport workers:

    ≡ Provided that the state Government may, after giving not less than two months’ notice of its intention so to do, by notification in the Official Gazette, apply all or any of the provisions of this Act to any motor transport undertaking employing less than five motor transport workers.

    3. Every employer of an undertaking shall, within not less than thirty days before the date on which he proposes to operate the undertaking, submit to the Chief Inspector or an Inspector duly authorised by him in this behalf an application in Form No. I, for the registration of the undertaking and grant of a certificate of registration for Motor Transport:

    ≡ Provided that in the case of an undertaking existing immediately before the commencement of these rules, such application shall be
    made within sixty days from such commencement.

    ≡ Provided further that where an undertaking has units operating in more than one State, the employer of the undertaking shall apply for registration
    to the Chief Inspector or the Inspector as the case may be of the State in which it's Headquarters Office is located.

    4. Every certificate of registration granted under rule 5 renewed under Rule 8 shall remain in force upto 31st December of the year for the certificate is granted or renewed.

    5. Where a motor transport undertaking is registered under this Act, there shall be issued to the employer a certificate of registration containing such particulars as may be prescribed.

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    Time Line(RTS TimeLine)

    Maximum Number of Days after complete application is submitted: 30 Days, Refund of Security 60 days. (As per notified at Sr. No. 228 and 229 under Right to Service Act, 2011).

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    Required documents

  • ✔ Whether the contractor was convicted of any offence, within the proceeding five years.

    ✔ Whether there was any order against the contractor revoking or suspending
    licence or forfeiting security deposits in respect of an earlier contract.
    if so the date of such order.

    ✔ Whether the contractor has worked in any other establishment within the past
    five years.if so,give details of the Principal Employers,
    Establishments and nature of work.

    ✔ Whether a certificate by the Principal Employer is enclosed Form V.

    ✔ Scanned copy of Signature of applicant.

    ✔ Particulars of security deposit, if any, to be adjusted.

  • Employer means:

    In relation to any motor transport undertaking, the person who, or the authority which, has the ultimate control over the affairs of the motor transport undertaking, and where the said affairs are entrusted to any other person whether called a manager, managing director, managing agent or by any other name, such other person.

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    Fees for the Grant of Licence for One Year

Maximum Number of workers to be employed on any day during the year Act Fees
From 1 to 5 ₹ 600
From 6 to 25 ₹ 1,500
From 26 to 50 ₹ 3,000
From 51 to 100 ₹ 6,000
From 101 to 250 ₹ 15,000
From 251 to 500 ₹ 30,000
From 501 to 750 ₹ 45,000
From 751 to 1000 ₹ 60,000
More Than 1000 ₹ 90,000